Over-the-Rhine in 23:56

VisuaLingual page on left

Four Minutes to Midnight [or 23:56] is an annual experimental literary arts zine edited, designed and published by Montreal-based Kevin Lo and John W. Stuart. The tenth issue explores the idea of radical beauty interpreted through the words and images of over 30 artists, writers and designers, including Cincinnati-based VisuaLingual, who contributed vernacular typography found in Over-the-Rhine.

Based in the firm belief that the personal is political, the zine explores the possibility for small stories, bad poetry, vast dreams and private pains as a means of advancing social change. We aim to shed some beauty onto our individual struggles, drawing the connections between them and fostering more honest expressions of love and dissent. Though realistically, we know one little booklet isn’t really going to “change things”, we do hope it’s something that people will carry around with them, flip through, and find a little encouragement and energy when needed.

The zine is also a space for radical typographic experimentation, blurring the line between form and content. We see typography (and graphic design more generally) as a critical and contested area of cultural engagement. We fuck with typography, because typography fucks with you…

The contributors featured in this issue include Hoda & Dima Adra, Caroline Aquin, Ilinca Balaban, Emily Kai Bock, Simon Carrasco, Marilyn de Castro, Kyla Chevrier, Grant Collins, Ian Finch, Jesse Ferguson, Jason Gillingham, Sacha Guney, Alexandra Hall, Erica Ruth Kelly, JP King, Dita Kubin, Kevin Ledo, Tony de Marco, Billy Mavreas, Maria Mavrig, Joshua Mensch, Debbie Millman, F.A. Nettelbeck, Omen, Catherine Rizzetto, Christopher David Ryan, Valerie Sanguin, Hilary Schaenfield, Clare Sheldon-Williams, Louis Sobol, Vincent Tinguely, VisuaLingual [Maya Drozdz & Michael Stout], Caroline Weaver, and Colin White.

Preview this issue on the Four Minutes to Midnight site, where it can also be purchased for $14 or downloaded gratis.

One thought on “Over-the-Rhine in 23:56

  1. Kenneth FitzGerald wrote an excellent and thought-provoking review of this issue of 23:56 entitled The Chronographical Survey #3: Four Minutes to Midnight, Issue 10. Here’s an excerpt, “For the design aficionado with a ‘progressive’ leaning, 23:56 is a satisfying, well-crafted typographic and compositional piece. The typography utilizes a limited base set of stylish contemporary faces, which imply “serious reading” without being staid. However, there is a constant sense of menace, of gravity about the content. The monochrome page inking is surely an economic decision but it contributes to a sober sensibility.”

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