Citizens’ Art to Be Displayed at Cincinnati City Hall?: actually, the answer to that question seems to be “probably not anytime soon,” though it’s a great idea that’s worth pursuing.

The Death of Astroland: Iconic Rocket Could Be Sold for Scrap: holy fucking shit, people, don’t do this…

Housepaint: at the Institute for Contemporary Culture in Toronto, “Drawing attention to issues of poverty and homelessness, this ground-breaking exhibition is a collaboration between ten street artists in memory of the former residents of Tent City.”

Still an Eye-Popper After All These Years: Manhattan’s glorious Beaux Arts De Lamar Mansion, designed by C. P. H. Gilbert and built in 1902, now houses the Polish Consulate.

Town of the Rings – New Self-Sustainable Town in Korea: “Surrounded by a picturesque lake and forested hills, Korea is set to create a sustainable township which will be a self sufficient city of 77,000 inhabitants, to be located about 22 miles (35 kilometers) south of Seoul, South Korea.”

Michelle Kaufmann Designs McMansion Gingerbread: prefab gingerbread goodness from the twisted mind of a crafty architect.

‘Tis The Season: Cat Frost: New York Shitty spots the cutest holiday decoration ever in Greenpoint.


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