Visionaries & Voices Holiday Art Sale: tomorrow, both V&V locations are having a one-day art show and sale, and everything is $50 or under. I know, right?

Cincinnati Santacon 2008: also tomorrow, watch out for Santas on cell phones.

Cincinnati Labyrinth Project: oh, my, someone’s been reading Umberto Eco a bit too closely…

Designer Co-op opening in Pleasant Ridge: crafty, homespun goodness finds a home in Pleasant Ridge.

Milwaukee Neighborhoods Could Print Own Money: “2 neighborhoods consider printing own currency for exclusive use in local stores” — the Ithaca HOURs model is catching on.

Taking Over: Vanishing New York muses on townies versus outsiders in his adopted hometown.

‘Several Cities’ Could Have No Daily Paper as Soon as 2010, Credit Rater Says: wow, just wow.


5 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Re: Cellphone Santas. There was a rather skinny Santa zipping around on a Segway this past week. He seemed to concentrate on the area around Vine and Central Pkwy, where there is a storefront with a “coming soon” announcement for a Segway dealership. He did not talk on his cellphone while Segging, however, because that wouldn’t be safe, and Santa always sets a good example.

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