Postcards from Detroit by Stephen Magsig

Michigan Central by Stephen Magsig

Postcards from Detroit are small, daily oil paintings by Stephen Magsig, who has been painting Detroit scenes for over 20 years. Magsig divides his time between Ferndale and NYC, and also sometimes depicts non-Detroit subjects, such as the Brooklyn Bridge. Amazingly, Magsig’s depictions are faithful and ambient, and yet avoid fetishizing Detroit’s ruins and decrepitude.

Detroit at Dusk by Stephen Magsig

Hamtramck Landscape by Stephen Magsig

Midtown Landscape by Stephen Magsig

Jefferson Ave. by Stephen Magsig

Michigan Central Detail by Stephen Magsig

Long Shadows by Stephen Magsig

GM Building by Stephen Magsig

Port of Detroit by Stephen Magsig

From the top: Michigan Central, Detroit at Dusk, Hamtramck Landscape, Midtown Landscape, Jefferson Ave., Michigan Central Detail, Long Shadows, GM Building, and Port of Detroit.


5 thoughts on “Postcards from Detroit by Stephen Magsig

  1. Beautiful artwork, but seeing images of Detroit always seems to pain me. It doesn’t matter if they’re of the good ol’ days or of present time…they both make me feel sad for the city that has probably experienced one of the greatest declines ever.

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