Over-the-Rhine Ghost Billboard

Over-the-Rhine ghost sign

This old billboard is one of my favorite ghost signs in Over-the-Rhine. I can’t make out the first line, but I think the rest is/was “that does business on the square / we undersell them all!” If anyone’s got a theory about the first line, or what this billboard was about, I’d love to know. On Race St. across from Findlay Market.

Over-the-Rhine ghost sign

Over-the-Rhine ghost sign

4 thoughts on “Over-the-Rhine Ghost Billboard

  1. I wonder if it says “The Shoe Store on the Corner” and I agree with you on the rest. I wonder what store it used to be over, or advertise for…

  2. “The Shoe Store On the Corner That Does Business On the Square. We Undersell Them All!” As I’ve waited to catch the metro, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this sign, and I believe this was a big shoe store back in the day, that had two locations. One at Findlay Market and one on Fountain Square.That’s my best guess. Nice photos and post!

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