Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition

The World Edition

Monopoly has a simple, effective formula that works with varied themes [apparently even the Junior Disney Princess Edition]. I’ve just learned that, earlier this year, people voted for cities to be included in the new Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition. 20 top cities were chosen out of the pool of 70, with 2 more earning spots on the board as a result of write-in votes.

The World Edition

Some of the winning cities are expected: Rome, Paris, Athens. As this was basically a popularity contest, some results are a bit silly. Canada gets 3 spots: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal in the coveted Boardwalk spot. Vancouver, really? China also gets 3 spots: Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. I’m impressed that Riga is in the Park Place spot, but there’s nothing at all from South America. And, while I’m sure that Belgrade is a lovely city, what about Dublin or Stockholm?

The World Edition

Anyhoodle, the main reason why I care at all is that Taipei and Gdynia [Gdynia!!!] won the write-in spots, which are the cheapest properties on the board. And, for my final observation on this capricious process, Taipei is the city replacing Baltic Ave., while Gdynia replaces Mediterranean Ave. Hmm… You can see the full list of cities here.


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