Paintings by Amanda Smith

Painter Amanda Smith lives in Mankato, Minnesota which, judging from these opulent and bizarre paintings, must be a bit of a strange place. Her work seeks “to represent the confusion of spatial experience as mediated by film, examining how specific aspects of mise-en-scene affect the way that contemporary people perceive, imagine, and remember space.” Hmm…

From the top: Marsh, What’s on The Leaves Ain’t Dew No More, Tuwallu, and Verisaillesmilitude.


3 thoughts on “Paintings by Amanda Smith

  1. I live in Mankato and I will vouch for a certain amount of weirdness. It’s the bend of the river, y’know. The Minnesota River, after having flowed SE from its source, makes an abrupt turn and heads NE to the Mississippi.

    Great paintings. I wish I’d seen them here.

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