Three Sheets 2 the Wind Trunk Show: my BuyCincy feature on Jenny Sauer and her East Walnut Hills-based studio Three Sheets 2 the Wind, which is celebrating its 4-year anniversary with a trunk show this weekend.

Crowley: Make Vacant City Parcels Available for Farms, Gardens: I really, really hope to see more urban farming in Cincinnati. Its time has come.

NYC Developer Tries Luring Condo Buyers with ‘Obama Clause’: “Anyone who signs a purchase contract before Election Day can back out, no questions asked, if John McCain beats Barack Obama.” Last weekend to buy, then!

Gentrify: “Tired of stepping over homeless people on your way to bikram? Jonesing for a Yacon Root smoothie? Gentrify (San Francisco edition) helps the elite urban bourgeois find their natural habitats.” A joke? Maybe.

The South Bronx, and Proudly So: “Never mind that the term [Downtown Bronx] is nothing less than a geographical impossibility to anyone who actually grew up in the Bronx, where ‘downtown’ pretty much meant any place below 125th Street in Manhattan.” Yes, misguided place-branding strikes again.

New York Cheat Sheets: “All New Yorkers develop tricks that allow them to stay ahead of the pack in daily life.” As much as I’m a sucker for efficiency in all areas of my life, I’m glad this isn’t my life anymore. Seriously, too much efficiency leads to too few ghost sign photos.

Is Zaha “Chanel”ing Mike Brady?: poking some well-deserved fun at at Zaha Hadid’s commission for Chanel.


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