Behind the Asphalt: Queen City Survey on the life and times of Benjamin Eggleston and the Cincinnati street that’s named after him.

World’s First Sat Nav – from 1920: sort of like an analog GPS.

The Eiffel Tower Of Brooklyn: The Queens Connection: Coney Island’s parachute drop is an import from the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens; who knew?

Honors for Restored Wright House: the restoration of a Usonian house in Millstone, NJ gets kudos from the AIA.

Gossip Girl: Non-New York State of Mind: continuing my fascination with place [mis]representation on TV, a few amusing missteps on my current favorite show.

The Medieval Garden Enclosed: The Cloisters in NYC enters the blogosphere with a charming blog devoted to medieval herbs and flowers.

NYPL Digital Library: a browsable and searchable database of rare holdings of maps, illustrations, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera, including this gem.


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