AVS ART Gallery: my BuyCincy feature on downtown’s newest gallery and its upcoming exhibit.

Chanel Mobile Art: Zaha Hadid’s traveling “Orb of Insanity” opens in Central Park on 20 Oct with its exhibit of contemporary art inspired by the iconic Chanel handbag.

Newtown Creek Neighborhoods Mapping Workshop: also on 20 Oct, HabitatMap is sponsoring a community mapping workshop that explores how web-based tools can magnify the impact of community organizing campaigns.

The City Outflanks Joe Sitt in Coney: React-o-Matic: watching the Coney Island saga unfold is like watching a game of chess in progress [if you don’t know how to play chess].

Ads on Garbage Trucks? City May Go There: because what people need is more visual pollution.

Architects See a Future in the City’s Past: some cool people I know are profiled in this article on architects living and working in OTR and downtown.

Village of Mariemont: Enduring Model for Compact, Sustainable Neighborhoods: the American Planning Association is designating Mariemont one of 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2008 given the village’s unique character, compact and walkable design, and strong citizen participation and engagement.


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