Tile as Ghost Sign Downtown

If a ghost sign advertises a business that no longer exists, I think this entry tile counts as a ghost sign for a building that no longer exists. Found downtown on West 4th St. between Central Ave. and Plum St.

5 thoughts on “Tile as Ghost Sign Downtown

  1. These demolition guys are not known for their workmanship or completeness. The basement is probably still there too, and it is probably full of stuff that you cannot build on, so that it must all be re-excavated before anything can be built there.

  2. Powerful.

    Your blog continually proves its awesomeness.

    I’m thinking of Tumbling Princeton, btw. But it might just end up an exercise in negativity, since it’s not the positives that are compelling me… — Let’s let caprice do the deciding!


  3. Craig, negativity is a cop-out for your acerbic wit; challenge yourself to maintain a modicum of positivity or at least a healthy sense of humor. I’d love to read your reflections on Princeton.

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