Financial Crisis Takes a Toll on Already-Squeezed Cities: from Duluth to Tempe, cities across the US are feeling the pain.

Stroller Central, Now With a Valet: meanwhile, in Park Slope, the local YMCA now offers valet parking for strollers! WTF?

In the City, Off the Grid: and then there’s modern-day homesteading on the East side of Detroit.

Nakheel Harbour & Tower by Woods Bagot: developer Nakheel strikes again in Dubai, this time with a vision for the world’s tallest concrete penis.

Uniting Around Food to Save an Ailing Town: the old and new residents of Hardwick, VT are banding together to grow their locavore movement.

Cincinnati Union Terminal at 75: happy 75th birthday, Union Terminal!

Raise the Rutherford!: speaking of birthdays, Queen City Survey is celebrating Rutherford B. Hayes’ birthday all month long; why wasn’t I invited to this insane-sounding birthday party?

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. There are so many ways in which this financial crisis is going to impact cities over the next few years. The short-term lending, the loss of tax revenue from shrinking construction.

    It seems to me that cities, such as Cincinnati, who are not really thought of as global cities, but are competing for global capital are the ones that are most vulnerable.

  2. I prefer to think of the Rutherford party as “fun” as opposed to “insane” but consider yourself invited for Hayes’s 187th!

  3. Potato, pohtato, Dan… I’d love to attend next year!

    As for the economy and the myriad ways in which this situation is affecting cities, might Cincinnati’s smaller size lessen the impact? You know, based on the economies of scale and Cincinnati’s smaller scale? Also, I wonder if this city’s famously stable local economy can weather a storm of this size.

  4. Cincinnati will weather the storm much better than bigger cities. Notice that Procter and Gamble is doing ok in this downturn for example.

    I really enjoyed the Detroit article. Thanks for linking to it. I have some relatives that I could see adopting that lifestyle…

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