Cincinnati Street Art

Scribble Jam is in a couple of weeks, which is as good a time as any to point out the Cincinnati Street Art Flickr group, which gathers some of our fair city’s best examples of street art. This piece by Barry McGee, a.k.a. Twist, across the street from the CAC, is one of my favorites. Hopefully amazing new examples will crop up in the near future as some of the best street artists in the world descend on Cincinnati.


6 thoughts on “Cincinnati Street Art

  1. The Adventures of Darius and Downey: And Other True Tales of Street Art as Told to Ed Zipco…I saw this book in an art museum shop in London. Contains some fantastic Cincinnati street art from the 1970’s.

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  3. i was told this work was done in that spot because Twist always wanted to have work on display at the CAC. and once he was turned down or didn’t think it could happen. he deside to have one of his work always viewable from the CAC. witch is why you can see this work best from the inside of the CAC.

  4. I wasn’t living in Cincinnati at the time, so I don’t know anything about this exhibit first-hand, but wasn’t Twist part of Beautiful Losers? I’d assumed that he painted this around the same time, because he was in the show [and in town for the installation and opening]. Are you saying this piece predates the exhibit?

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