Angelina Jolie’s Geocaching Tattoo

Angelina Jolie’s tattoo collection is well-known and includes the latitude and longitude coordinates of where all her children were born. She recently updated the list to include her twins’ birthplace.

The photos below were taken before the latest addition. As a nerd, I definitely appreciate the cartographic references. As a designer, though, I think this tattoo looks terrible. It doesn’t really cover up an old tattoo that Jolie got removed, and the effect is dirty and sloppy. The characters are not stylized but don’t seem deliberately unstylized. The added coordinates don’t exactly match the original ones. The effect is of a hastily jotted-down shopping list [indeed, she and her partner have been accused of baby-shopping in exotic lands]. There is also the amusing issue of the exact locations pin-pointed by the coordinates.

Nonetheless, Angelina Jolie is The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, and one poorly executed tattoo doesn’t change that fact.

11 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie’s Geocaching Tattoo

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  2. i believe angelina is beautiful, the tatoo that appears on her arms is obviously somthing that makes her happy, their is no crime in loving her children and representing them by being on her arm, she will always be beautiful nothing could change that.

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  4. she should be in a circus, she is not the most beautiful woman in the world either…..she is a freak…and she wore tommys’ blood around her neck too…..hello!!……..She may appear to look ok but inside she is a twisted gargoyle… i go on vacation for a rest… she goes shopping for native kids….this was banned in America i think when an old black woman sat on a bus or somethin’…and then a black dude nailed some paper on a door somewhere…….Angelina is devil spawn and that is why her womb is crusty and

  5. ok angelina may not be the most beautiful woman in the world paul, but she is quite stricking and for you to pass judgement on her ir rediculous considering you obviously have no clue what you are talking about…. her ex-husbands name wasn’t tommy you wanker it was billy bob thorton and if her womb was shriviled up then how the hell could she possibly conceive carry and deliver three children…

  6. Okay, people, let’s hug it out. My point in posting this was the place-centric nature of her tattoo, which relates to many of the other posts on this blog. Let’s not argue about her beauty or lack thereof.

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