Rensler’s Tile Downtown

This tile marks the former Rensler’s photography studio, now the home of Carteaux & Leslie, which owns some of the Rensler’s archive and put together an amazingly quirky photography exhibit last year of some of the odder images in the archive.


6 thoughts on “Rensler’s Tile Downtown

  1. In your ongoing chronicling of downtown tile patters, you might consider walking in to the Cincinnati Athletic Club (on Shillito Place behind the Shillito lofts, between 6th and 7th). The building was built around 1903 (?). Walk up the steps and they will buzz you in, as visitors are welcome on the main floor/reception area. The main lobby floors have some nice tile work.

  2. I’m looking for any of the Rensler’s African American collection of photo’s or negatives. Did any of the collection survive and how would I go about getting the opportunity to view them. I’m from the Cincinnati, West End 1941, my family moved to he West End from Georgia between 1910 & 1920.

    Louis Childers

  3. I have several orininal photo postcards from 1900-1914 from this Rensler’s studio if anyone may be interested in exploring these.

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