The Decline of Western Civilization

Part IV: The Segway Years


7 thoughts on “The Decline of Western Civilization

  1. I especially like the safety vests and helmets. Do you really need a helmet on a device whos top speed is about the same as running? Also that the guy checking his email is in the grass has what looks to be off-road tires.

  2. We live in Walnut Hills next to Eden Park. We enjoy taking our daughter for walks there and she’s puzzled when she eyes the Segwayers. I wonder what kind of impression this leaves on her. Will she think that we’re somehow inferior because we chose to enjoy the scenery on foot?

    IMHO, a better alternative are the CPA’s Architrek tours which offer walking tours of many places throughout urban Cincinnati for a much more cost-effective price [actually, it’s a donation]. And you’re also exercising in the process.

    By the way, love this blog.

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