The Betts House to Participate in Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day: tomorrow, check out the Betts House in the West End for free as part of Museum Day.

Walking Tour of Downtown Cincinnati Surveillance Cameras: Bill Brown of the Surveillance Camera Players is giving another tour this Sunday; I wrote here about his tour earlier this year.

City Rides Bizman over Coney Closure: there are no heroes, only foes in this sleazy battle over the land where the borscht sounds like the seas.

Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House Flooded: why am I the last to know?

Privatizing Another Street: Extra Place: the privatization of public space continues; read more about Extra Place.

Teen on Trial for “Combat Zone” Killing: “Isn’t it amazing that you can sit here in the courthouse and then take a five-minute walk and be in one of the most dangerous places you can imagine, where there are shootings almost every night?” Yes, Rick Gibson. It’s amazing, indeed.

It’s ‘Hasids vs. Hotties’ in South Williamsburg: OMFG, for once, I’m siding with the hipsters, err, hotties.


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