New Amsterdam by Arjen Noordeman

This one is an oldie-but-goodie by friend, Cranbrook classmate, and multi-talented designer Arjen Noordeman — his typeface New Amsterdam and the accompanying type specimen poster for Outside In: An International Poster Exhibit, which I curated five years ago.

The poster, a critique of the Dutch focus on conformity, is entitled The Nail that Pops Up Gets Pounded Down. Noordeman, a Dutch designer now living in NYC, pairs the letterforms, inspired by the Battery Park monument commemorating Manhattan’s change in ownership, with the following quote from Theodore Roosevelt’s address to the Holland Society of New York:

We of the old Holland blood of New York have just cause to be proud of the men of note in American history who have come from among us. But the point on which I wish to insist is, that the Hollanders could never have played such a part, could never have won honorable renown by doing their full share in shaping the destiny of the republic, had they remained Hollanders instead of becoming Americans.

The full address can be found here. Noordeman’s poster is reproduced in the 72-page exhibit catalog and also graces the wall of our studio.


5 thoughts on “New Amsterdam by Arjen Noordeman

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