Planning for PARK[ing] Day

Thanks, Time Warner, for the extended Interweb vacay! I’m not complaining, really. My major goal for this week was to finalize all preparations for Cincinnati PARK[ing] Day, which mostly meant dealing with people who are nearby. Without an Internet connection, that meant getting off my duff and finding them, and then running back and forth a lot with relayed messages, sort of an analog email system. It was actually a nice change of pace from my routine — instead of virtual communication, I spoke with tons of people directly. Amazingly, things got done, plans fell into place, and I’m really excited about tomorrow’s event.

If you’re not in Cincinnati, this is what happened this past Sunday, and my lack of Internet access is nothing compared to the damage and discomfort felt throughout the region. Also, PARK(ing) Day is a global event that may be happening in your city.

Above, Michael, Joe and Dan unload monkey grass donated for tomorrow’s event by the Civic Garden Center.


One thought on “Planning for PARK[ing] Day

  1. Back in the day we called this “sneaker net”
    You ran over to the person in your sneakers!
    Hopefully I’ll catch up to some of you later on today.
    have fun!

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