I’ve been feeling sappy and nostalgic all week so, instead of the usual linky snark, I’m taking this opportunity to give props to some cool, creative people from my old ‘hood. Who knew that a God-forsaken swath of Brooklyn could produce such talent?

Dagmara Dominczyk: I remember 12-year old Dagmara telling everyone that she wanted to be an actress, but kids always dream big. Years later, I saw her in Rock Star, in a minor but memorable role, and I was shocked. She studied drama and really is a working actress now. Go, Daggie, go!

Marika Dominczyk: Dagmara’s younger sister is also an actress; she was actually pretty funny in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Biohazard: Probably the ‘hood’s most famous export, from my vantage point, these guys were definitely from the right side of the tracks, but at least their early “Wrong Side of the Tracks” introduced me to the quotability of The Warriors. And who can forget “Slam“, their catchy collab with Onyx?

Life of Agony: I’m not a huge fan of sometime Biohazard sidekicks LoA, but I was so excited when these guys got signed to Roadrunner! Biohazard are a bit older, but these guys are roughly my age, and it was cool to hear that they made it beyond Battle of the Bands.

Keith Caputo: Keith was [still is, when they reunite] the lead singer of LoA. Behind his intimidating facade, Keith always seemed so sweet and genuine that I wish I’d gotten to know him better. He is now a solo singer/songwriter, and I really like his stuff!

Non Phixion: Necro, Ill Bill and Goretex — I knew these guys as Ronnie, Bill and Mitch from the benches, before the stage names. Check out “Glenwood Projects” By Ill Bill, featuring Necro and Goretex.

Bast: I don’t know who this is or, rather, I wonder if I do know… Bast is a bad-ass street artist who’s also shown in galleries worldwide, including Bed-Stuy’s own Brooklynite Gallery.

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