Bellevue Hill Park Pavillion in Clifton

A touch of Googie right in Cincinnati, the Bellevue Hill Park pavillion was designed by architect R. Carl Freund and built in 1955. It stands on the site of the Bellevue House and incline and offers an amazing view of the basin. These photos were taken during the gold glory of a true Midwestern sunset.

9 thoughts on “Bellevue Hill Park Pavillion in Clifton

  1. I live right by Bellvue Park and consider it one of the unknown treasures of Cincinnati. The city partnered with Clifton Heights residents in the past couple of years to redo the playground in the park and there are often UC students practicing tightrope walking. Everyone should check it out.

    It’s also one of the top ten places to watch the WEBN fireworks!

  2. I was lucky — when I first moved to Cincinnati, a kind neighbor gave me a tour of all his favorite area parks, including this one. So, I knew about it almost from Day One. Kate, this is where I watched the fireworks! The view is incredible.

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