Quaker Oats Sign in Indianapolis

Every once in a while, they let me out of Over-the-Rhine, so I go somewhere else to photograph ghost signs. This one is on Mass. Ave. in Indianapolis, right near where I once lived. Compared to the Quaker Oats specimen I’ve found in downtown Cincinnati, this one much more colorful and has numerous layers of different signs [I think the Cincinnati sign was repainted with the same message]. The Quaker Oats “Q” has got to be one of the sexiest typographic forms ever.

Anyhoodle, I just remembered this little anecdote, and it’s worth sharing. When I lived in Boston a few years ago, I met some guy who asked me what I like to do in that city. I told him that I enjoy walking around and looking up at old signs. He paused and replied, “Wow… That’s really sad and pathetic.” I had to laugh because, really, he had a point. And here I am, still doing the same ol’, same ol’, but now with a digital camera and a blog.


5 thoughts on “Quaker Oats Sign in Indianapolis

  1. Unless you really were sad, it doesn’t sound pathetic at all. It just sounds like that guy was a asshole.

  2. That may be true, but it’s also refreshing to be reminded that not everyone shares my passions. Life would be boring if it weren’t for individual idiosyncrasies.

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