Just Past Central: another Over the Rhine blog; welcome to the blogospheric microcosm!

It’s All About the D: tomorrow, a free summer festival celebrating what’s hot, cool and funky in Detroit, on Heidelberg and Elba Sts. between Mt. Elliott and Ellery.

Where: “a blog about urban places, placemaking, and the concept of ‘place.'”

Current State of Innovation… Say What?: the Agents of Urbanism have some harsh words about the new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis and its so-called “innovative architecture.” Sorry, Just for View

Young Farmers Find Fertile Ground in City: urban farming in Pittsburgh by the Landslide Community Farm.

Why I Prefer to Live in a Failing Neighbourhood: contrarian thoughts on the city written by a Londoner.

Columbia Ecovillage: on the other end of the spectrum, a green co-housing condo village in Portland, OR.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. AOU has some valid points, but the audience for the new stadium is not concerned with architectural technological innovation. They want gimmicks that make their city amazingly always new. Na mean?

  2. Yeah, architecture doesn’t have to be innovative to be successful. I think AOU don’t only have a problem with the end results but also with all the hype and claims of innovation. But, you’re the one who has personally experienced it, and you’re much more attuned to its context.

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