Oaklandish Fashion

Oaklandish began eight years ago as a “covert public arts campaign designed to bring a sense of history and culture to the underutilized public spaces of this city.” Most obvious are their tshirts emblazoned with Oakland-centric graphics, which are sold at the Lake Merritt farmers’ market and online.

The graphics include a coopted official City of Oakland logo, the 510 [East Bay area code], AC Transit bus transfers [ROFL!], cranes in the Port of Oakland, and local endangered icon, Kwik Way. This is a positive Bridge & Tunnel attitude, West Coast-style.

Really, though, Oaklandish is more than a fashion company. Proceeds fund a variety of initiatives and programs, including arts-in-action grants and the East Bay Asian Youth Center. You can read about these outreach efforts here. T-shirt sales have also helped to fund other Oaklandish projects, such as the liberation drive-in, the Folklandish Library, and various Oakland-centric exhibits in the Bay Area.


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