Noted without Comment

More things that make you go hmm… Thanks, 12th & Republic, for the heads-up.


4 thoughts on “Noted without Comment

  1. Thanks for posting the photo. Apparently Tawdry Cawdry sees gunfire as part of the romance of urban experience. Or they are holding stock options in Ruger, Inc., perhaps.

    A few years ago, when marketing people were hired to promote the Main Street “entertainment district,” they tried to convince suburban young people to spend their disposable income downtown. The same sort of romanticized, mediagenic images of sophisticated bangers and outlaws were used. Which naturally attracted bangers and outlaws.

    It’s not crime —- it’s ambiance! And those panhandlers? They’re not poor or mentally ill — they’re colorful!

  2. David, I don’t really want to believe this because, well, it seems completely unbelievable that this is actually a bullet hole logo. However, I can’t see anything but that, and I’m speechless.

  3. Maya, maybe I’m being too tough on Cawdry. There are incitement to violence laws on the books, but I’d need a constitutional lawyer to explain why they don’t apply.

    Here’s the thing: It’s ironic that so much taxpayer money is spent trying to prosecute pornographers like L.Flynt, et al, yet this sort of fetishistic gun culture thanotica is considered protected speech.

    I don’t think this is what Moliere had in mind.

  4. Re.: Main Street, the theming of neighborhoods is always troublesome, and I’m not surprised when those efforts fail to live up to expectations. If this logo is another part of the same inner-city myth-making thought process, well, I’m already speechless and have nothing to add. I do completely agree with you about Flynt et al.

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