A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!

tea towel by Cedric Cox

I really hope you’ll be able to attend the opening reception for A Mad Tea {Towel} Party! at the Nicholas Gallery downtown. I curated this exhibit, which opens Fri, 11 Jul 08, 6-11 pm, and which includes work by 25 artists and designers worldwide, most of whom have never before shown in Cincinnati.

I’m most excited about having the opportunity to do this because of all the people involved:

First and foremost, Nick Paddock, owner of Nicholas Gallery and one of the coolest people I’ve met in Cincinnati, who agreed that this is a good idea.

Second, being able to show the work of talented people I’ve met since moving to Cincinnati, including Cedric Cox [work shown above], an awesome local painter I met through Nick, and Zabet Stewart, co-author of Anticraft, a super-fun book I designed about a year ago. Hopefully, I’ll meet a few more of the participants at the opening.

Third, showcasing the work of the friends I’ve had seemingly forever — Corbett Marshall, partner in Catskill-based Variegated Inc. and co-author of Eco Dog, Karen Lemmert of Baltimore’s Manifold Design, Nicole Pivirotto of Brooklyn, and Ben Long of Indianapolis’ Fab Crew. It feels a bit like a reunion in that sense.

Lastly, I finally get to display and, in some cases, see in person for the first time, work by people I’ve long admired — Eleanor Grosch of Philadelphia’s Push Me Pull You Design, Montreuil-based Atelier LZC, and Cincinnati’s own three sheets 2 the wind.

None of this is in the official statement because it’s not really the intent, just the side benefit. Through organizing this, I’ve been exposed to the work of so many amazing people, some familiar but most of them new to me. For someone who ruminates so much on the idea of place, the place I’m focusing on right now is the environment we’ll create Friday night at the gallery — a confluence of diverse works by some really talented folks whose paths might never otherwise cross. I’m really looking forward to it.


9 thoughts on “A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!

  1. Great, I look forward to seeing you there!

    I should mention, in case you haven’t heard, that the gallery is closing so, if you haven’t been yet, this is your last chance. I’m excited about Friday, but it’s also bittersweet for the area art scene.

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  5. I saw this exhibit last summer in the Nicholas Gallery. When I went, I didn’t know what to expect. It was great! My g.f. and I wanted to buy one of the towels on display, but all the ones we liked were already sold. Since then, we have seen some nice ones at local stores, but not as nice as the ones in this show.

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