BellTel Lofts Begin Pimping Real World Connection: because your high-end condo can have no better neighbors than drunken college kids being followed around by cameras 24/7.

Streetcorner Man: another good read from 12th & Republic.

The Urbanite Project: Baltimore’s Urbanite Magazine annually gathers a diverse selection of Baltimoreans to collaborate together on the ideas and problems they find most compelling in their city.

At Midlife, Called to a New Field: the hard-knock life of the post-professional farmer.

Solar Water Heaters Now Mandatory In Hawaii: starting in 2010, building permits for single-family homes that do not have solar water heaters will be forbidden.

Inuksuk and Inunnguaq: guerillawordfare on Inuit wayfinding systems.

Coney Island Redevelopment Plan Will Be a Tough Sell: sometimes change makes me really sad.


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