Brooklyn Tableware by Jordan Awan

Brooklyn Tray by Jordan Awan

The Brooklyn line of tableware by Jordan Awan is available at Fishs Eddy and includes plates, cereal bowls, coasters, trays, and salt and pepper shakers.

Brooklyn Mug by Jordan Awan


8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Tableware by Jordan Awan

  1. Not so much with the coffee mug, but these plates and others that you have posted here make me wonder what I want under my food. Eating is kinda sacred to me. Maybe it isn’t the place to have art? Then again i guess it is there most of the time it just isn’t meant to be noticed where this is.

  2. Picky, picky… Some of the tabletop pieces I’ve posted are maybe more collectors’ items than something you’d use [based on price, at least]. But, I think that the things you use in your day-to-day life should be beautiful and meaningful to you. “Art” doesn’t have to be something that’s off to the side or up on the wall.

  3. It just kinda reminds me off those pie dishes you see in the movies where there is some dirty picture at the bottom, except this is yuppie porn.

  4. Agree with both of you: I don’t like to be visually distracted from my meal (or what’s under it), but I do eat porn for breakfast… uh… I mean I’d eat from these everyday. Hey, utilitarian objects can be artistically unintrusive, at least that’s what I’ve found from my daily research at Taco Bell.

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  6. Having some of this table art, and originating from Brooklyn, some 60 plus years ago, I use it, and enjoy it – I especially like bringing it out when having my 80 plus year old mother over for dinner – she gets a kick out of it.

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