Giftcycle Comes to Cincinnati


Giftcycle, a summer-long, cross-country bicycle tour from Providence to Seattle, is stopping in Cincinnati tomorrow, Mon 30 Jun. Based on the principles of the gift economy and the Kula exchange, the participants travel with gifts of art that are given away or traded for other art. Predicated on the idea that art is a gift, not just a commodity, wealth in this system is increased through circulation.

Participating artists are asked to create gifts of art for other artists they have never met, which are delivered by two messengers traveling on a side-by-side recumbent bicycle, who transport and display the work from one destination to the next. The long journey and hand delivery of these gifts of art adds to their value.

The Giftcycle messengers, en route from Columbus to St. Louis, will be at Brutopia in Clifton Gaslight around noon tomorrow for an informal art display and exchange. If you can’t make it in person, check out their progress on their blog or buy a t-shirt to support their efforts.


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