Visual History Gallery: Local History Told in Photos: my BuyCincy post on the photo archives of the Visual History Gallery in Hyde Park.

New Exhibition Explores David Macaulay’s Genius for Illustration, and He’ll Be in Town for Three Appearances: the Caldecott Medal-winning MacArthur Fellow and author of The Way Things Work, among many other books, is celebrated this summer in Cincinnati.

Met My Baby at the Cheap Store: when I read these words, they sound a bit like this in my head [which I mean as a compliment; there are far worse poets out there than Steven Jesse Bernstein].

Guerrila Gardening: in London, “guerrilla gardening mobilizes gardeners without land to take over land without gardeners […], generating a feeling of shared ownership of the city.”

Indy’s Cultural Trail: Just for View shares a glimpse of the just-completed Cultural Trail in Indianapolis.

Scoop It Up or Pay: On Patrol With Enforcers of the Dog Law: summed up well in its title but still worth reading.

Farms Take Root in Detroit’s Foreclosures: an urban farming initiative in Detroit, where the crop is free to residents, with surplus donated to local food banks.


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