The Spirit of ’68 Lives On

Spirit of \'68

On the 40th anniversary of May ’68, some industrious people in Belgium and France decided to create and screenprint new posters and paste them in the public spaces of their cities. This poster reads “no borders, no barriers.”

Design and screenprinting workshops were held, along with group printing sessions. A book of posters, ready for photocopying, was put together. Ready-to-print versions of those posters, along with some 1968 examples, plus photos of the posters in situ, can be found here [in French, but with lots of visuals].

Spirit of \'68

Same content, different spirit — in May, London’s Hayward Project Space hosted an exhibit entitled Street Posters from the Paris Rebellion, sponsored by Converse. Screenprinted reprints of those posters were bound into a book [print run of 68 copies] that is for sale at Paul Smith boutiques. Keep Calm is offering artist proofs from that book as individual posters. Eventually, those posters become home decor. And thus, the spirit of ’68 devolves into conspicuous consumption. WWDD?*

* What would Debord do?


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