Polish Pride in Cincinnati?

Sopot license plate in Cincinnati

If this vanity license plate, spotted in Hyde Park, is really a shout-out to the Polish town of Sopot, then color me shocked. If it’s a reference to something else, well, no, I don’t think it can refer to anything else.


5 thoughts on “Polish Pride in Cincinnati?

  1. I don’t know much about the specifics of Poland’s relationship with Germany. Only enough to say that there seems to be some irony here. The people’s car with a US “vanity” polish plate. Glocal?

  2. Frederick Wilhelm II, King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany, was a regular visitor to the spa at Sopot in Poland. The area around Sopot, Bulgaria you mentioned is apparently very popular with hang gliders since the Warsaw Pact unpacted.

    Therefore, this VW owner is either a monarchist or a hang glider. Or a hang gliding monarchist.

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