Paintings by Andy Detskas

Mountain Duo by Andy Detskas

Former classmate, talented friend and all-around nice guy, Chicago-based Andy Detskas, a.k.a. Andy Andy Andy, has been developing a charming and whimsical body of work over the past few years. My favorites in his ouevre are the vintage pastoral scenes embellished with his inquisitive robots.

Shown here are Mountain Duo above and Automaton Terrible 1 below.

Automaton Terrible 1 by andy Detskas


7 thoughts on “Paintings by Andy Detskas

  1. Very very excellent. The robots look so happy as crush everything in their path; trees, shrubbery, rocks, antelope, whitetail deer, skunks, squirrels, caribou, people, chipmunks, badgers, moles, kittens, field mice, bears, wolves, the ever-scary howling coyotes, wild horses, domesticated horses, puppies, possum, raccoons, various species of fish, do I need to even mention all the various types of insects? I LOVE IT! I hope to someday add another piece of ANDY ANDY ANDY artwork to my collection.

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