A Man of High Style and Punk Tastes: a profile of John Varvatos and his newly-opened menswear boutique in the former CBGB; actually, no, check out these links for a bit of perspective: Varvatos Rocks CBGB’s, Extra Place, Remains of CBGB’s, and Varvatos: Birthplace of Punk.

Live Lightly Tour: when the lease on their apartment was up, this family of 3 hit the road in an RV to teach people about sustainable living.

Baltimore Festival of Maps: going on now through 8 Jun 08. “34 area arts and cultural organizations present activities exploring the rich history and contemporary interpretations of maps and the mapping process.”

Good-Bye, Cheap Oil. So Long, Suburbia?: James Kunstler is interviewed by BusinessWeek.

Sleepless in Seattle: the houseboat made famous by the movie is now for sale for a cool 2.5 million.

Melting Ice—A Hot Topic: Envisioning Change: a contemporary art exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago focuses on climate change, specifically melting ice caps and the effect that has on all living creatures.

City Cyclists Receive Blessings for Their Bikes: no, really, “hundreds of cyclists peddled to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights Saturday where their bikes were sprinkled with holy water and blessed to kick off a safe cycling season.”

6 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. You just never know… Perhaps I’ve infiltrated your thought process and can sense the inspiration you crave…

  2. That’s an interesting theory… though, I wouldn’t delve too deep – once you find your way through the facade, you might lose your footing and fall into the dark, musty, cavernous abyss that fills the majority of my cranium.

    Anyway, at least this cuts down on my research for work. Now that I think about, since you’re in my head too, maybe you should be on my payroll.

  3. Ha, it wouldn’t be the worst thing, as I’m looking for outlets in which I can be useful. All this spatial esoterica must add up to something, right?

  4. Exactly. As long as its relevant/useful to at least one person (or two – the producer and one reader), its worth the effort.
    Keep the good times rolling, Maya!

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