City Plates by notNeutral

Melbourne plate by notNeutral
LA-based notNeutral has been developing this line of City Plates in three collections: Gateways, Culture and Capital(ism), and Capital Migration [which includes Melbourne, pictured; look at all those parks!]. They’re available individually, as sets of 4, or as a full set of 12. I hope they’ll continue this idea, maybe including ancient cities, ghost cities, imaginary cities… Or, they could develop the idea of a set further — sprawling cities could become platters, compact cities could become tidbit plates… I want to see some unexpected cities, like Chernobyl or Detroit, in this series.


6 thoughts on “City Plates by notNeutral

  1. Wow, planners should take note of how well designed this map is. The streets have hierarchy, the water is blue the parks green. I guess the rest of the city is charred or polluted, but downtown looks fresh and clean.

    But aren’t these too cool to use? I really like all the graphic functional object, but when do they become to much of an image to be an object?

  2. I don’t think they’re “too cool” but, at $50/each, they may be too precious to use! Still, they’re fun to look at.

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  4. BTW, I stopped by the CAC store the other day, and my Ohio River coasters are on a shelf right next to the Berlin plate by notNeutral. Fancy!

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