Harlem Toile by Sheila Bridges

Harlem Toile by Sheila Bridges

The Harlem toile by Sheila Bridges is available via Studio Printworks.


14 thoughts on “Harlem Toile by Sheila Bridges

  1. I also love toile, but not very fond of yellow. Do you think you might come out with something in a pale pink in linens and also brown on ivory earthenware dishes. I think these items would be lovely in African American toile. Thanks!

  2. I purchased two sheets and made a lovely pair of lined draperies from one of the sheets. The print is beautifully done; however, I was a bit disappointed that the sheets are only 200-thread. For the price, one would expect at leat 300. I too would love to have the sheet/fabric in other colors, especially the blue and the deep reddish/cinnamon color.

  3. I love the toile, I purchased the wall paper and had a mud room done and bought the sheets for window treatments, was a lil disappointed in the fabric, but a lining sounds good.

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  5. I once read about a designer who did toiles for different New York City neighborhoods. I think it was in Architectural Digest a few years ago. Does anyone remember the name of the company? Many thanks!

  6. Wow, I’m intrigued! I don’t think Sheila Bridges designed toiles for different neighborhoods, so I’ll have to try to track down the project you mentioned. It sounds amazing!

  7. I recognize the image of the dancers from a photo from the Savoy Ballroom.. I love the print. what is the price range for the sheets?

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