Craft Supply Swap!: tomorrow at Rock Paper Scissors in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, a craft supply swap and the opening of an exhibit featuring select Crafty Supermarket vendors, including yours truly.

A Little Good News for Endangered Murals: an update on the Cincinnati Union Terminal murals that now live at the airport.

Go to Cincinnati for FotoFocus, Stay for the Street Art: just that.

In Praise of Boring Cities: from Arlington to Zurich, maybe boring’s not so bad.

These 7 Cities Expose Exactly What Gentrification Is Doing to America: NYC comes in only at #3.

$90 Million Restoration Nears Completion on the Largest Theater in Brooklyn: the Loew’s Kings Theatre in Brooklyn is almost back to its original grandeur.

See This Little Island Off Of New York? You’ll Never Guess What’s On It… OMG.: spoiler alert — it’s an abandoned hospital.


Simple Space – On-Demand Space for Pop-Up Events: a fundraising campaign for an interesting Over-the-Rhine initiative.

A Visit to Ohio State Reformatory: tons of creepy photos of a site in Mansfield where Shawshank Redemption was filmed.

Stop Using ‘Brooklyn’ to Mean Hipster Neighborhoods: please and thank you.

Peering into the Secret, Spooky World of the Stasi: and what an efficiently Modern world it was.

Buildings without 13th Floor: “Why certain Chicago buildings relabel the 13th floor.”

Yes, You Can Vacation in These Celebrity Homes: from Orson Welles to Iggy Pop.

Map Shows What Each Country’s Military Camouflage Pattern Looks Like: just that.