Sustainability & the Cincinnati Advantage: a free lecture by The Urbanophile this Wednesday.

Travel Spotlight on Cincinnati and Its Top 17 Attractions: just that, including the American Sign Museum and Cincinnati Union Terminal.

No, the Gentrifiers Really Aren’t Coming from Ohio: maybe New Yorkers can stop ragging on Ohio now.

Pine, Fresh Again: the lobby of a gorgeous Art Deco skyscraper in Manhattan’s Financial District will reopen to the public next fall.

Watch NYC Gentrify Right Before Your Eyes: painful to see.

9 Most Overrated Cities in the US: a haterific listicle.

These Are the American Cities Hollywood Loves to Destroy: everything from infections to monster attacks.


New Workshops Hope to Assist Homebuyers Looking to Rehab in Over-the-Rhine: register here; offered by the OTR Foundation.

Insight OTR: “aims to highlight the people, stories, and community in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio, through audio and written recordings.”

Exploring Austin’s Street Art, Murals & Mosaics: tons of free eye candy; makes me really want to visit Austin again.

The Little Garden Studio: Children’s Community Garden and Art Center: a really cool effort to revitalize a vacant bus depot in Vancouver, WA.

League of Creative Interventionists: turning the city into an adult playground?

Are Malls Over?: to quote from Portlandia, “It’s so over.”

Tom Waits Map: “a map of places from Tom Waits songs;” OMFG, amazing.


Final Friday at Pendleton Art Center: tonight is Final Friday in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati and this review from last month is a great peek into the goings-on at the Pendleton.

What Would Moving Hamilton County BOE Mean for Those Without Cars?: short answer: spending the rest of your life on a bus, waiting to vote.

Cincinnati, Ohio: National Geographic takes in the local sights and flavors.

Why I Miss the Suburbs: “Consider the smell of freshly cut grass. The echo of Golden Retrievers barking. A pleasant afternoon chat with your neighbor. Or, alternately, the ever-present smell of garbage, the blaring of sirens, and the aggravation that seems to come with even the smallest of errands.”

NYC Grid: Before and After: side-by-side comparisons of NYC streets and scenes then and now.

Is Modern Architecture Vandalism?: “Mixing old and new buildings is a difficult art. Get it right and it is thrilling; get it wrong and history will condemn you.”

Here Is a Map of Every State’s Favorite Band: click bait, but funny.


4 Days in Cincinnati: during the recent polar vortex, Cincinnati hosted a visitor from LA who shares his observations on the Queen City.

America’s 25 Craziest Cities: these lists are pretty silly and based on data of dubious relevance, but Cincinnati tops this particular one.

Too Poor for Pop Culture: truth to power, straight out of East Baltimore.

Updated Vignelli Subway Map Colorfully Connects NYC & NJ: in honor of the first mass transit Superbowl, an updated version of Massimo Vignelli’s famous/infamous 1972 NYC subway map, this time showing the MTA, NJ Transit, Metro-North, PATH, Long Island Railroad, and Amtrak.

Horrified Man Suddenly Realizes He’s Putting Down Roots in Charlotte: LOLness from The Onion.

Cranbrook: tons of pretty photos of my alma mater.

Scout Leaders Who Toppled Ancient Rock Formation Are Charged: WTF; don’t mess with nature…


Building Cincinnati: an invaluable online resource has turned to crowd-funding to ensure its future.

New Artist Live/Work Homes Coming to Covington’s Lee-Holman Historic District: Northern Kentucky on the up and up!

Save the Pavilion: an effort is underway to save the New York State Pavilion in Queens, built for the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Gentrification May Actually Be Boon to Longtime Residents: not sure I can agree with this, but it’s an interesting read.

Defining the Worst Type of Street Design: world, meet the stroad.

Snake on a Train: A Long Exposure Photo of a Train Roaring through the Canadian Rockies: beautiful; via Chris Glass.

Transit Maps: just a ton of eye candy.


JR: Cincinnati, you’ve only got a couple more weeks to check out this excellent exhibit at the Contemporary Art Center.

Congratulations, Ohio! You Are the Sweariest State in the Union: a dubious honor.

Green Man +: in Singapore, a cool innovation addresses the needs of elderly and disabled pedestrians who need more time to cross the road.

Senior Year Transfer: Retiring in a College Town: if I ever retire, I’d love to go back to school in some charming college town.

The Invention of Jaywalking: and what streets are for.

The Hand-Painted Signs of Cambodia: tons of awesome typographic eye candy.

Gingers of the World, Unite!: mapping redheads.


Uncover the Stories Behind the Union Terminal Murals: WOW! Check out the photographic sources for mural imagery as well as the stories of the people in them.

Make Cincy Yours: a bit of Queen City pride in video form.

Important Buildings We Lost in 2013: a sad architectural roundup.

The 10 Most Dangerous Places in New York City: a fantastic romp through film locations in NYC.

Who Put the O in Portland?: simplified circular maps from Archie’s Press.

Suburban Corporate Wasteland: on office parks in suburban Connecticut and beyond.

The Same Little House from the Same Camera Angle Over a Two-year Period: beautiful.

Top 10 VisuaLingual Posts of 2013

Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

I love ending the year with a look at why people visit this blog, and these 10 posts got the most hits in 2013. There are some repeats from 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, plus a few surprises, including a big one at the end.
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