Sustainability & the Cincinnati Advantage: a free lecture by The Urbanophile this Wednesday.

Travel Spotlight on Cincinnati and Its Top 17 Attractions: just that, including the American Sign Museum and Cincinnati Union Terminal.

No, the Gentrifiers Really Aren’t Coming from Ohio: maybe New Yorkers can stop ragging on Ohio now.

Pine, Fresh Again: the lobby of a gorgeous Art Deco skyscraper in Manhattan’s Financial District will reopen to the public next fall.

Watch NYC Gentrify Right Before Your Eyes: painful to see.

9 Most Overrated Cities in the US: a haterific listicle.

These Are the American Cities Hollywood Loves to Destroy: everything from infections to monster attacks.


Mayor Cranley: A Soapdish Progress Report: 100 days in, a frank assessment.

Filming in Over-the-Rhine: earlier this week, OTR was a stand-in for 1950s NYC for the filming of Carol starring Cate Blanchett.

The Gangsta Gardener of South Los Angeles: guerrilla gardening in an urban food desert.

What to Do If You’re Falling Out of Love With New York: great advice even if you’re not falling out of love with NYC.

New York City Doesn’t Love You: funny because it’s true.

The Making of Neon Signs: an awesome video [in Cincinnati, you can see this process in person if you visit the American Sign Museum on a weekday].

20 Ways Not to Be a Gentrifier: just that.