Then & Now: An Interactive Look at Downtown Cincinnati’s Past: coolness.

RR Interviews: Zan McQuade of the Cincinnati AnthologyPt. 1 and Pt. 2: an informative, two-part interview about this book, which includes a contribution by yours truly.

Rare Neon Signs on Display at the History Museum at the Castle: an awesome exhibit opened this week in Appleton, WI.

Malls Fill Vacant Stores with Server Rooms: creative reuse in places like Fort Wayne, IN and Jackson, MS.

Taylor Swift Explaining New York Vocabulary Is Beyond Cringeworthy: T-Swift was recently named the NYC Ambassador, and this is her latest foray into “realness.”

Rome’s Rebel Lake Is a Parable of the Contemporary Commons: a long read, but a great story of grassroots urbanism.

Shopfront Elegy: photos of ghost signs and storefronts, in London and beyond.

VisuaLingual Seed Bombs for the Healing Gardens

VisuaLingual Seed Bombs for the Healing Gardens

Located immediately behind an oncology center, the Healing Gardens of Northwest Arkansas is a nonprofit organization focused on providing a retreat for mental, emotional and spiritual healing. We were honored to be able to contribute these custom seed bombs for the group’s event last Saturday.
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Greater Cincinnati’s 10 Most Anticipated Development Projects: just getting caught up on all the news, since I was out of town last week.

90-year-old Florida Man Faces 60 Days in Jail for Feeding the Homeless: WTF, Fort Lauderdale?

The Beauty of Fire Escapes and the Vanishing of Edward Hopper’s New York: “The place has been airbrushed for good, a playground for Indian and Chinese billionaires, Russian molls, Arab crooks, as well as American and European money managers, corporate lawyers and international jet setters.”

Slow Cab Coming: a new speed limit for NYC.

The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World: interesting new book about social engagement and architecture.

You Can Buy This Abandoned CT Town For Less Than A Brooklyn Apartment: the quaint town of Johnsonville has a starting bid of $800,000.

Maps Of Street Layouts Colored By Orientation: ooh, all those pretty colors…